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Winning an award in the craft competition at the 10th Hanoi Gift Show Trade Fair

Vietnamese handicraft heritage is one of the oldest and most diverse cultural symbols in the

Top trends in lighting for 2023: lampshades, table lights & solar lantern lighting

Trends in lighting create a comfortable environment by setting the trending tone for the decor.

What You Need to Know About Energy-Saving Solar Lanterns Handmade

We are aware that we can use the sun’s energy to power our homes. As

Join Viettime Craft at Hanoi Gift Show 2022 – International Fair of Gifts and Handicrafts – Hanoi Gift Show

International Fair of Gifts and Handicrafts – Hanoi Gift Show – the leading trade fair

5 Modern Interior Colors – Home Decor Color Trends 2023

Knowing about home decor color trends 2023 may help you identify what colors work well

Top 5 color trends 2023 for design

Viettime Craft shares the next color trends 2023 with you. with a carefully chosen design

Boosting the value of Artisans

Craftsmanship is a conversation between the artisan and the material, simultaneously intimate and exhibitionist. It’s

Take A Step Towards Creativity

We are confident that our handicraft new material & product design can put you ahead

Preserving and developing traditional craft

We are thrilled to be able to partner with artisans in Vietnamese working to preserve

Green Future

Viettime Craft is a handicraft company, that fosters innovation to accelerate the transition toward a

Sustainable materials for Green Future

Business sustainability is the practice of operating a business without having a negative influence on



We believe we must work together by forming a meaningful partnership that creates shared opportunities

Viettime Craft Meets All BSCI Certification Requirements

With the motto “Provide products and services with world-class quality and optimal design, satisfying the

Viettime Craft – Alibaba Gold handicraft supplier & Verified Supplier

Verified by Alibaba and SGS, Viettime Craft became Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier in 2018. Because

Big Trade fair is coming soon! Join Viettime Craft at VIFA-EXPO 2022

Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair (VIFA EXPO), the leading trade fair event, has

How do you tell the difference between seagrass and water hyacinth?

When it comes to natural products woven from seagrass and water hyacinth, many individuals are

Make Your Home More Appealing With 3 Unique Rattan Furniture Patterns

Rattan furniture appears to be rather old, but it has become a popular trend in

Six Types Of Seagrass Weaving And How To Recognize Them

Natural materials are increasingly being used for production in the fashion and interior design industries

Top Trending Weaving Styles Water Hyacinth Basket You Need To Know

One of the most popular materials to make home decor baskets is Water Hyacinth. Experience

Interior design trend 20th century: wicker wall decor is the way forward

As far as interior design looks for 20th century go, a natural aesthetic has been the clear winner

Banneton bread proofing baskets: How to use and care!!!

Banneton bread proofing baskets: How to use and care!!! Baking with bannetons gives your dough

Coconut bowl – The sophistication and creativity of the Vietnamese

Natural products of coconut bowls for kitchen utensils are very popular today, handmade production processes


Creative ideas for decorating living spaces with rattan goods

Rattan goods are considered as an ideal source of raw materials for interior decoration today.

The reasons you should use furniture made of bamboo and rattan

  The bamboo and rattan profession in Vietnam has existed for hundreds of years. From

Rattan Furniture Trend Is Taking Over Interiors

Rattan furniture is making a major comeback. Remember rattan? You saw it everywhere in the

Festivals, Harvest and The impact on the handicrafted industry in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with strong cultural identity. During some periods of the year, it


Summer Beach Bags Must Have

The coming summer, you and your family and friends are planning to have a meaningful

Decorate home with handmade bamboo lantern

Bamboo is a familiar material for the people’s life in the tropics and appearing in