Enhance your holiday table settings with charger plates

If you are looking for holiday table settings for your holiday dinner, consider browsing through rattan charger plates, or another material, for the occasion. Once you learn more about this decorative base, you may want to add one to your table settings. Let Viettime Craft find out about this magical piece of table decorations.

  1. Choosing your perfect charger plate

A charger plate is a base for other dinnerware, so it is not used for your food. The plates and bowls designated for your food sit on the charger plate. You can use the plate to enhance a rustic setting. Or maybe you want to add a pop of color to your white dinnerware. Basically, charger plates are accent pieces for your table settings, and they are also known as underplates or service plates.

Rattan Charger and Coaster Set sku M00231
Rattan Charger and Coaster Set sku M00231 From Viettime Craft

Join Viettime Craft to choose the perfect charger plate models.

1.1. Opt for eco-friendly charger plates

Opting for an eco-friendly charger plate is always a good idea. It allows you to stick with, or start, your green lifestyle. When you choose items such as woven charger plates, the products are handmade instead of manufactured in a factory. The fewer items that are made in a factory, the less harm we are doing to our environment.

There are charger plates made of natural materials such as rattan or seagrass, bringing you an eco-friendly, sustainable product. The best part is the natural beauty of these plates.

Depending on your event, the inlay design can add a fun or elegant feel to your party. You can bring charger plates under the dinner plates to serve their original purpose, or you can add them to your decor by displaying them separately from the party table.

The charger plates can also be paired with other eco-friendly products, such as coconut bowls and wicker serving baskets.

Round rattan charger plate

1.2. Tips to remember when choosing a good set of chargers

The plate should complement rather than contrast with your table settings. While you want to ensure the charger plates look great with the dinnerware, you also want to keep the linen, tablecloth, centerpieces, and floral arrangements in mind. It should be considered when choosing your charger plate if it is being placed on your table.

For example, if you are working with simple holiday table settings, you can never go wrong with white charger plates. Depending on your other pieces, you may be able to use plaid or red charger plates for your holiday settings. You can also create a rustic holiday table setting with rattan charger plates, which are sure to look beautiful with your white or solid-colored dinnerware.

Brick Brown Round Rattan Charger Plates

  1. Table setting ideas for charger plates

While it may seem like there are only a few uses for your charger plates, the sky is the limit when you invest in these decorative pieces.

2.1. Pair your charge plates with other pieces

The best part of using charger plates is being able to pair them with different serving pieces on your table. Take rattan charger plates for example, which are sure to look great with our other hand-crafted utensils. You can pair these charger plates with our bamboo straws, wicker serving baskets, and woven placemats to create a natural table setting.

You can also pair the charger plates with wooden utensils, such as spoons and bowls, as well as a wood serving tray with handles. When you mix the rattan and wood materials, you are creating a rustic atmosphere at your dinner table.

Rattan placemat sku M00425
Rattan placemat sku M00425 From Viettime Craft

2.2. Holiday-themed settings

Several holiday table setting ideas allow you to use charger plates. Our woven charger plates are great for your Woman’s Day table settings, as they add a warm feel to the table.

One idea is to place your blue dinner plates on top of the charger plates, with a white pumpkin on top of the arrangements. If you only have white dinner plates, you can place them on the charger plates with orange pumpkins on top. Regardless of the colors you choose, you can place the entire arrangement on your woven placemats.

Of course, you can also use your charger plates as part of your Woman’s Day table setting. Imagine your red charger plates under your white dinner plates, with red linen on top of the arrangements. Another idea is to use gold charger plates under your white plates for more plates. If you love to decorate with patterns, you may prefer plaid or floral charger plates for your holiday table settings.

2.3. Charger plates for special events

There is nothing like using an elegant charger plate to enhance a special occasion. Our plates make great wedding chargers because they are beautiful and colorful, but the design is not overwhelming. You may find our selection works with your color scheme. You can also use white, silver, or gold charger plates for your wedding. Use the charger plates for just your wedding party, or provide enough charger plates for all your guests.

You can also use charger plates for a birthday party, as there are various designs to fit the event. Keep it simple by choosing white charger plates, or use the plates to add a splash of color to the table. One idea is to invest in charger plates in the guest of honor’s favorite color or pattern. You can use the charger plates under your dinner or serving plates, depending on the type of birthday party you are hosting.

Whether you are choosing a rattan or glass plate, a charger plate adds an elegant touch to your event, regardless of the color or design.

  1. Charger plates are beautiful and eco-friendly

It is no secret that charger plates add an outstanding look to your table settings. This is why they are such popular pieces, especially since they come in a variety of styles. Use your rattan or seagrass charger plates to enhance the vibe of your event, from an elegant holiday party to a rustic birthday celebration.

If you want to live a green lifestyle, as many people are interested in, you will surely enjoy our charger plate selection. Remember, our charger plates are hand-crafted with eco-friendly materials, reducing your carbon footprint in the world.

If you want to shop for other items, we offer a wide range of products handmade with eco-friendly materials. You can rest assured that every product is beautiful and durable, so you do not have to worry about the style or quality of your item.

In addition to eco-friendly products, our products are also made in Vietnam to help the local community. We are pleased to help our community while encouraging others to live a green lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a woven or inlay design, you are sure to enjoy the selection of charger plates on Viettime Craft.

Above are some shares of Viettime Craft about tips on using rattan charging plates as well as adorning your dining table more special. What are you waiting for, please contact us via email: [email protected] for advice and exchange about the latest product models.



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