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Must-have natural material desk organizer

Embrace the beauty of Natural Desk Organizer while keeping your desk organized with these must-have

Join Viettimecraft at VIFA EXPO Trade Fair 2024

We are excited to announce that our company will be participating in the upcoming VIFA

Viettimecraft at Hanoi Gift Show Trade Fair 2023

At the Hanoi Gift Show Trade Fair, we are excited to connect with international buyers,

Sea Life Pattern Trend for Spring Summer 2024

Echo the beauty of maritime getaways with our favorite coastal handicraft ideas. Our collection of

Color Trends 2024 – Top 4 Colorful Color Combinations You Need to Design Handicrafts in 2024

The 2024 palette is more harmonious and balanced, with colors more evenly distributed across the

Ideas To Create A Beautiful Modern & Natural Bathroom

How would you like your bathroom to look? Elegant? Minimalism? or Natural Bathroom?But, you don’t

The Seminar: “Made in Vietnam” – E – commerce & Export/ Import Business

On May 30, 2023, Ms. Hoang Thi Thanh Tam represented Indochina.JSC (Viettimecraft) to be a

Natural photo frame: Rattan, Seagrass & More in All Sizes

Suppose you want to display images of family & friends or yourself in a minimalist

Decorate the Dining Table With Wooden Housewares

Decorating the dining table with wooden housewares is a great way to add coziness and

Viettimecraft Factories – Artisans’ homes for making beautiful handicrafts

Many importers use factory visits as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with a supplier

Viettimecraft Factory/Showroom was honored to welcome foreign business delegations

These businesses are planning to import Vietnamese handicrafts. Therefore, when introducing and exchanging information with

Using a Rustic Natural Style in Your Laundry Products

Do you intend to design or redecorate your home’s laundry room? Then read this article!

New collection Summer 2023: Handwoven Rattan Mother Of Pearl Coaster

Because of the trend of natural coasters, Viettimecraft released a new collection 2023. A beautiful

Viettimecraft & Hanoi’s key enterprises participate in Vietnam Expo 2023

Vietnam International Trade Fair – VietnamExpo 2023 was officially opened at Hanoi International Exhibition Center

What do you know about the multiple uses of belly baskets?

Belly baskets for a basic but functional element for your house. The adorable design and

Viettimecraft’s VIFA EXPO 2023 Summary: Chance to meet our prospective buyers

HAWA Corporation (Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCMC)is a company with expertise in organizing

Guide & Tips for packaging & shipping wholesale orders

“Package wholesale order guide” help you aren’t worried about your products in the carton after

Everything You Need To Know About Banneton Proofing Basket

Nowadays, the proofing baskets become very popular because of its features, especially in baking store.

Are you ready for VIFA EXPO? Join Viettimecraft at the biggest trade fair in Vietnam in 2023

Viettimecraft cordially invites you to visit our booth at VIFA – EXPO 2023 in Ho

Top 5 Best Sustainable and Natural Bathroom Products 2023

Natural Bathroom Products are the trend of everyday personal care & hygiene essentials. We’re going

Top Trending Woven Baskets 2023 – What are the best designs for sourcing baskets in 2023?

Trending Woven Baskets for source baskets in 2023 has a lot of amazing looks and

The Best Christmas Crafts For Home Decor for 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the whole year for Christmas crafts! And if you’re

INDOCHINA.,JSC – top 10 Hanoi key industrial products 2022 – handicraft export

On December 13, 2022, Indochina.,JSC was honored in the top 10 enterprises with key products

INDOCHINA.JSC – Top Vietnamese bamboo and rattan products

At the end month of 2022, the Hanoi Committee publicized Viettimecraft as the Top 10

Top 5 wall decor trend 2023 – What home decor is in style for 2023?

Wall decor trends 2023 are more colorful and natural because of sustainable materials. Set With

The Straw handbag trend 2023 – What straw handbags are in style for 2023?

Straw handbag trend 2023 are more fun, colorful, and practical than the mini handbag trends

The latest news on Vietnam handicraft export

Traditional handicraft production is not only a creative artistic activity but also an effective economic

The bright color trend in woven basket 2023

The color trend in woven basket 2023 is bringing joy to our customers. Choose your

Top 6 trending handicraft kids’ room decor – Here are must-have items for trendy decor in 2023

Children’s rooms today are colorful, creative, and fashionable. It can be enjoyable and provide you

Winning an award in the craft competition at the 10th Hanoi Gift Show Trade Fair

Vietnamese handicraft heritage is one of the oldest and most diverse cultural symbols in the

Top trends in lighting for 2023: lampshades, table lights & solar lantern lighting

Trends in lighting create a comfortable environment by setting the trending tone for the decor.

What You Need to Know About Energy-Saving Solar Lanterns Handmade

We are aware that we can use the sun’s energy to power our homes. As