Viettimecraft Factory/Showroom was honored to welcome foreign business delegations

These businesses are planning to import Vietnamese handicrafts. Therefore, when introducing and exchanging information with Viettimecraft, they raised many questions about this topic. For example, shipment procedures from Vietnam, types of order costs (shipping costs, legal costs, etc.), source of natural materials… In addition, they want to see real products as well as the manufacturing process at Viettimecraft. Therefore, we took them to our showroom, workplace, and factory.

At the end of the meeting, the participants were pleased and excited since they had the chance to visit and explore the beautiful Vietnamese handicrafts at Viettimecraft. They appreciated us as a professional factory with new technology and skillful craftsman. Besides, they complimented the creative R&D team on introducing new products with trendy and unique designs suitable for the market. They also had a better understanding of our products and services.

This visit builds and strengthens the relationship between Viettimecraft and the business organizations from America, British, and Australia and opens up opportunities for cooperation between us.

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