Winning an award in the craft competition at the 10th Hanoi Gift Show Trade Fair

Vietnamese handicraft heritage is one of the oldest and most diverse cultural symbols in the world. For that reason, Hanoi Gift Show 2022 launched the Craft Competition to preserve and develop creativity in the handicraft industry.

Top handicraft items received the award

We participated in this competition with many creative works and ideas that can expand artistic boundaries and promote the prosperity of crafts and society. The Craft Competition invites creative ideas on research, exhibitions, projects, and trending items to identify qualified organizers in crafts. Fortunately, Viettimecraft received an award related to rattan lacquer tray. Thanks to this competition, all visitors solicited craft artworks reflecting trends in contemporary arts and crafts and conveying values of handicrafts in the future.

Thus, Winning an award in the craft competition is a big surprise to recognize our efforts in the creative handicraft path. And not the intermediaries, truly reap the benefits from the purchases of consumers desiring to support the Vietnamese handicraft industry.

Our company encourages young artisans who dare to take their first steps into handicraft creativity. Knowledge from the older generation is being transferred to the younger generation. It is important that future generations are aware of our heritage. Handicraft heritage should be preserved and developed on a priority basis so that these magnificent parts of our society remain relevant for years to come. Above all, this craft competition was a good opportunity to show their work to an interested audience.

Opportunities for New cooperation

Through Hanoi Gift Show 2022, importers came to work with businesses and production households directly participating in the fair. We had a chance to discuss the Handicrafts Market Global Industry with visitors/ partners and how to boost the development of handcrafts across the globe.

Apart from this, the growing travel and tourism industry has provided huge opportunities for our local artisans and handicraft manufacturers to produce commoditized products and sell them to tourists who want to buy local souvenirs and other craft items. Moreover, handicrafts have lower energy requirements, unlike machine-made products which involve the utilization of electricity and various other fuels. It helps us build further missions about the environment and humanity.

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