The bright color trend in woven basket 2023

The color trend in woven basket 2023 is bringing joy to our customers. Choose your favorite styles from our list:

Playful Boho – The Bohemian

Playful colors add joy to the plain and neutral color design. The bohemian color trend in woven baskets represents romance and freedom and creates a free and easy beauty. Apply to every corner of the house, including the corridor, living room, kid’s room, bathroom, and balcony space. Each Basket Is Unique, And Handwoven By our Artisans, it will not all the same.

Desert Sand color trend in woven basket

The golden hue revitalizes the sand-colored palette and unites the magnificent pastoral theme with the desert style. Golden tones that represent a bountiful crop full of life are added to the desert’s yellow hues.

This basket has the most beautiful shape and mixed color, due to the dense weaves of natural material and the excellent weaving techniques of Vietnamese local artisans. They are not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly fashionable. They can be used as decorative elements as well as places to store things.

Brightly colored knitting patterns

The bright color is a color trend in woven basket not only reflects the vitality of bright colors but also highlights the mature charm of natural style.

The natural color trend in woven basket

Natural color is a practical home for storing all those extra items and a stylish addition to any room. It will be beneficial for bringing your towels to the pool throughout the summer and excellent for storing plaids beside your bed in the winter.

Under the skillful hands of the workers, the natural material basket with many different styles, depending on the orders of the enterprise. When you hold in hand a product like this, I’m sure you not only would highly appreciate the artisan’s beautiful skills but also enjoy something else from the product, for example, the smell of sun-dried straw from it and the color trend in woven baskets.

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