Color Trends 2024 – Top 4 Colorful Color Combinations You Need to Design Handicrafts in 2024

The 2024 palette is more harmonious and balanced, with colors more evenly distributed across the color spectrum. Color Trends 2024 is suitable for the feeling of well-being, creativity, and the environment. Knowing about the coming color trend, we can design products with mixed colors that attract customers more easily. According to Industry Experts: Pantone, ISPO, WGSN, TheFashionFrill, and Coloro.

Cyber Lime (Coloro 051-76-36)

Cyber Lime is a bright near-neon that stimulates and energizes the body and mind. This vivid green represents the strong bond that exists between nature and technology. Maintaining an optimistic and cheery mindset is an important coping tactic for customers. Compassion, community, and connection are the primary color trends for 2024.

Radiant Red (Coloro 011-50-32)

The summer key color trends of 2024 include the color Radiant Red has a delicious flavor and is a sweet and playful summer hue with a delectable quality. While its exuberance shouts high summer, Radiant Red is a trans-seasonal brilliant that works well in a variety of fashion/ craft categories.

Elemental Blue (Coloro 117-47-13)

This blue color confirms the popularity of sophisticated mid-tone hues that imply a slower pace of life and increased sensory awareness.

Elemental Blue has a good style with matte finishes and a simplistic design, yet its gloss and liveliness give it a modern feel.

It is suitable for furniture, home decor, transportation, and mobility design.

Color Trends 2024 – Top 4 Colorful Color Combinations You Need to Design Handicrafts in 2024

Fondant Pink (Color 147-70-20)

A pigmented pastel with a laid-back, young charm is Fondant Pink (Color 147-70-20). It heralds the reemergence of delicate, mellow pink hues that mingle beautifully with lilac and lavender tones. By 2024, consumers will place a greater value on the sensation of delight that this color evokes.

Nutshell (Color 024 – 37 – 20)

Nutshell is a trans-seasonal brown with natural warmth, tactility, and comfort that connects to genuineness and craftsmanship. It’s an essential color for timeless designs. Because of its chroma, this brown works well on a wide range of natural materials.

Sage Leaf (Color 072 – 45 – 06)

This is a peaceful and calming green that promotes contemplation, rest, and reflection. Sage Leaf will be a key color for minimalist, thoughtful design.

As our lifestyles more natural, customers will seek for environment and colors that alleviate anxiety and tension in the brain.

Apricot Crush (Color 024 – 65 – 27)

Apricot Crush, described as a mid-tone orange that is intended for balancing lifestyles and nourishing the body and mind, is also predicted to be the color of the year 2024, according to WGSN, and is expected to be a huge trend. Its delicate, sun-bleached character complements neutrals and is appropriate for textiles, glass, and craft objects.

Galactic Cobalt (Color 128 – 28 – 32)

Galactic Cobalt, which is quite near to electric blue, will be a flexible color that we can apply in a variety of ways.
The latest color trends of 2024, including highly useful sportswear and consumer tech. This blue can also be used as a jewel tone in occasionwear, handicrafts, and color cosmetics.

Astro Dust (Color 010 – 42 – 20)

As commercial space flight improves and space tourism becomes a reality, we will be inspired and delighted by the colors of the universe.
This deep mineral tone depicts Mars’ dusty and lonely landscape and creates a yearning to explore distant terrains and worlds.

Digital Lavender (Color 134 – 67 – 16)

Pantone just announced the Viva Magenta Pantone color of the year 2023 as they call it An unconventional shade for an unconventional time, a new vision!

While the delicate and subtle colors of lavender provide a feminine and self-care version of it, being closer to the hues of Blue makes it edgier at the same time.

Top 4 Colorful Color Combinations You Need to Use in 2024

Soul Surf

A beach-inspired palette that evokes the feeling of a sea breeze and the need for us to respect the environment. The health of marine ecology is a priority. A soft disposition, the allure of an ancient energy. A white shade is also included. The palette complements the natural tones of the Core palette perfectly.


A light and luminous concept for fleeting colors. They have a flowing, transparent, and airy quality as a statement, depending on the setting.

Color Trends 2024 Top-4-Colorful-Color-Combinations-You-Need-to-Design-Handicrafts-in-2024


This palette is made up of colors that vary with movement, based on the user’s emotions, and in the sunlight.

Natural Logic

Nature’s intricacy and diversity will always inspire us, even when it comes to developing new, intriguing hues from natural dyes.

Get Inspiration for the Colorful Mixed Colors to Design Handicrafts

In addition to materials, and processing techniques, another factor plays a major role in new season collections: the choice of color and how it affects the psyche and buying behavior of consumers. With the forecast of Pantone, ISPO, WGSN, and Coloro, we provide brands/ partners with inspiration for the design of new collections – a look at the Color Trends for 2024.

Color Trends 2024 Top-4-Colorful-Color-Combinations-You-Need-to-Design-Handicrafts-in-2024

You can use these color shades as areas or accents, combine them with each other, or with the core palette.

Use our color combination ideas to make handicrafts more colorful and trendy. With lampshades, baskets, handbags, wall decors, trays… Cafés, hotels, restaurants, residential spaces, libraries, boutiques, and offices are attractive. Besides the colors, the patterns, designs, or shapes can make the basic products become the decorative arts and emerging creativity.

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