Everything You Need To Know About Banneton Proofing Basket

Nowadays, the proofing baskets become very popular because of its features, especially in baking store. If you still don’t know much about amazing baskets, the following post could help you learn everything about the Banneton Proofing Basket.

What Is A Banneton Proofing Basket?

A banneton is a basket used to mold bread dough during the final rise. Holding shapes in wetter dough, like sourdough and artisan loaves is very helpful. Without it, the dough may flatten out when rising, which prevents a lofty loaf from being produced.

The fundamental distinction between a banneton and a bread pan is that a banneton does not bake bread. It is instead utilized to keep a firm structure when rising, preventing it from expanding too much. It is turned out of the container and baked when it has done baking.

Bannetons can be created from a variety of materials, but they all use wood as their main source. Wood draws moisture from the surface of the dough, preventing it from sticking when turned out. Sticking occurs when moisture has nowhere to go due to materials such as glass or plastic

What Shape Of Banneton Should I Use?

Bannetons are available in various shapes, affecting a variety of shapes, which affect the sort of bread produced. The two basic shapes to use are round and oval, resulting in a boule or batard shape. These are French words for round or oblong bread.

The round shape is easier for beginners. It is good to practice on, easy to shape and score, and easy to slice up.

The oval shape banneton is still the best-selling product because of its high quality, safe and harmless, free of mold, no odor, and convenience to use.

There are various geometric shapes, and visual beauty brings you and your family a better appetite. Viettimecraft manufactures bannetons with heart-shaped, triangle-shaped, and square-shaped….

How to use and care for the Banneton Proofing Basket

Bannetons are not difficult to make use of. Viettimecraft has enjoyed baking sourdough with our bannetons collection and will guide you how to use a proofing basket.

1: Decide whether you want to use the banneton with or without the liner
2: Dust the bannetons with flour
3: Put your shaped dough inside and let it rest
4: Clean and maintain your bannetons

You read our previous post on how to clean and maintain your bannetons in detail.

Learn some tips to choose banneton: How to Care for Bannetons – Viettime Craft

Are Bannetons Only For Sourdough?

You can use bannetons with any yeasted bread since they provide excellent support to any proofing loaf. Yeasted dough will often spend less time in the banneton than sourdough.

Bannetons and sourdough are quite popular, but you don’t have to limit bannetons to only sourdough.

Some examples of bread to make in a banneton:

  • Seeded bread
  • Bread with elaborate scoring
  • White or brown yeasted boules or batards
  • Dough with preferment such as poolish or biga

Hope this content brings you sufficient information to buy/ import these Banneton Proofing Baskets.

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