Guide & Tips for packaging & shipping wholesale orders

“Package wholesale order guide” help you aren’t worried about your products in the carton after the longtime shipping. In this post, Viettimecraft will go over some of the basic guides and tips for shipping and packaging your e-commerce products.

Packing steps

Step 01: After finishing the products, we need to hang the customer’s stamps on each product.
Step 02: Wrap the product package, paper, and explosion foam… (depending on product characteristics
Step 03: Pack the product into a carton (with can add: foam sheet, foam explosion ..) depending on the characteristics of each product.

Viettimecraft artisans - vietnam handicraft wholesale
Viettimecraft artisans – Vietnam handicraft wholesale

Step 04: Affix warning stamps, such as: Keep your work area dry, don’t leave young children unattended with dangerous tools or toxic materials even for a few minutes…

Guide & Tips for packaging & shipping wholesale orders
Guide & Tips for packaging & shipping wholesale orders

Step 05: Load on pallet/slip sheet (depending on each customer’s request),
Step 06: Load into the container

Package wholesale order guide and tips

Select packaging accessories suitable to product characteristics

Fill the box with cushioning material. It helps ensure the safety of goods
When you place your product inside the box, there should be a gap of two to three inches at each side to allow for cushioning material like packaging peanuts, styrofoam, bubble wrap, or paper. This cushion the item from strong impacts and also prevent it from moving around in the box.

Use new, sturdy cartons to avoid distortion, damage, and tearing during transportation

For the majority of products that are eligible for parcel shipping, a cardboard box is better than a plastic or fabric bag because it offers more protection. And ideally, you should be using a new one with high quality that isn’t damaged, torn, or bent.
Avoid reusing old boxes because they lose their rigidity quickly

  • Small tips: Choose the right carton to save space and shipping fee

Check the manufacturing stamp of the box and look for its weight capacity and construction method. Don’t exceed the weight limit of the box, pallet, or crate. Overloaded boxes, pallets, and crates are more difficult to handle — making them more prone to drops and tears that can damage the shipment.

Integrating products could helps save space and shipping costs (suitable for product characteristics)

Place heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top
Align the boxes in the center of the pallet
Add a layer of cardboard every few rows to press down on loose or light boxes

Guide & Tips for packaging &  shipping wholesale orders
Guide & Tips for packaging & shipping wholesale orders

Using software to load containers before loading containers

It helps optimize the packing, and anticipate problems that occur in reality when packing. For example, missing or excess goods, queues on containers….to have a suitable packing plan and save time, cost…

Face the shipping mark outside the door cont

Include the full addresses and contact details of the consignor and consignee. Countries should not be abbreviated and certain details like the country, city, and province/state should be in English. Also include the postal code to minimize the delays due to sorting errors.

International packages tend to require a customs form, which we should print in capital letters and fill out completely before pickup.

Customers can distinguish the product codes.

Use mesh to prevent the door from falling to avoid opening the door of the box, and the carton will be dropped

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