Preserving and developing traditional craft

We are thrilled to be able to partner with artisans in Vietnamese working to preserve the art of traditional craft. Our efforts focused on maintaining cultural integrity and ensuring that products fit your needs as a modern customer.

Preserving Artistic Handicraft

Handicraft refers to handmade items that have artistic and cultural attraction; on their material, design, or workmanship. Cultural heritage embodied in traditional craft is a vital feature of each nation which reflects the culture and tradition. Industrialization changed the lifestyle and customers’ needs, and as the result, handmade crafts are gradually losing market share.

Aware of the importance of handicrafts, we are willing to be responsible for the preservation of traditional craft heritage. Nonetheless, it is difficult to deeply understand and address the challenges we must face to preserve the Vietnamese handicrafts, and introduce them to customers all over the world.

Our long-term target highlights various solutions for developing traditional craft

Emphasize the Collection and Compilation of Statistics

We can collect the data by classifying products by market segment or forecast the trending products coming up. So we can manufacture product categorization that most buyers want.

The key market to traditional craft is home accessories. We have various categories like decoration (interior and exterior), household items, gifts, toys, and accessories. Eventually, product classification by market segments is suitable since we know how most buyers see the market and how customers consider their purchases. This is a meaningful way to market Vietnamese handicrafts to a large number of customers.

Preserving and developing traditional craft
Preserving and developing traditional craft

Emphasize Provision of Education and Training Traditional Craft

One of the most important policy concerns for the growth of crafts is the supply of education and training to improve the capacity to “learn and compete”. Therefore, it is crucial to teach the next generation the value of handicrafts.

We have plans to organize some curriculums aimed to educate the young generation about the importance of handicrafts. The education and training help preserve, promote and transmit the traditional craft production knowledge from generation to generation.

Recognition of Artisans and Their Creativity

Because handicrafts play a vital role in the society of countries, the status of the artisan in the community must be high. We must recognize them for their creative work and for carrying on their legacy in the form of incentives and gratitude for their beneficial practices. In addition to encouraging craftsmen to continue their work, it gives the community a positive sense that we are attention about their sector.

We work together to preserve these traditional craft because they have irreplaceable value. Viettime Craft is not just here to sell handcrafted products around the world. We want you to know and respect our Vietnamese cultural and historical significance. We want you to know our makers’ stories, and we want you to know how they’re made (it’s a beautiful mix of skill, love, time, and heritage).

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