Top 5 color trends 2023 for design

Viettime Craft shares the next color trends 2023 with you. with a carefully chosen design collection for life in color. So, we hope the design trend forecast from Viettime inspires you.

Scarlet sage color

Scarlet sage color - color trend 2023
Scarlet sage color – color trend 2023

This is a bright shade of red with a little orange hue. It is between red and orange on the color wheel but leans more toward red. This is a warm, vivid color that will be the color of the year 2023. Scarlet symbolizes passion, fire, and intensity just like other red hues can.

Lavender Cream

Lavender Cream - color trends 2023
Lavender Cream – color trends 2023

The color of the year 2023 is lavender cream. It’s returning as the top 2023 color trend despite already being a trendy shade utilized in everything from interior design to fashion. Representing wellness and digital escape, which we are all too acquainted with.

Sun Dial Color

Sun Dial Color - color trends 2023
Sun Dial Color

Tây Ninh, Đắc Lắc, Thanh Hóa, Phú Yên, Long An, and Kiên Giang…are the leading jute producers in Vietnam.

Jute products include jute bags, jewelry, lamps, rugs, footwear, tables, wall hangings, and many other products. In other words, Jute products are eco-friendly, and affordable, and help decorate your house in a natural.

Tranquil Blue

Tranquil Blue - color trends 2023
Tranquil Blue – color trends 2023

Blue with a softer tint encouraging wellbeing – An appropriate 2023 color trend for designing spa interiors for residential buildings, drawing inspiration from air and water components. Additionally linked to sustainability and lightness are wellness blue.

Verdigris green color

Verdigris green color - color trends 2023
Verdigris green color – color trends 2023

Dark turquoise would be more in style. This color trend exhibits a strong aesthetic in interior design and is linked to the vintage nostalgia home decor trend. We now link this color trend to comfortable sportswear and outerwear in fashion design. A deep green lake will be a striking and interesting color trends 2023.

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