Top Trending Woven Water Hyacinth Baskets You Don’t Want To Miss

Every room in any space needs 2 essential principles: neatness and style. Baskets are must-have items not only to touch up the area but also to organize your stuff. Neutral natural color baskets are never out of trend because of their ability to mix in with a variety of interior designs, especially the ones made from natural material. One of the most popular elements to make decór baskets but not everyone knows its name: Water Hyacinth. Woven Water Hyacinth Baskets are incredibly sustainable. Its thick weaves create an amazing braid pattern and can be customized to numerous shapes. They are definitely goods that you don’t want to miss this year.

No further ado, let’s discover our top trending Woven Water Hyacinth Baskets, who knows you gonna love these as we do.

Twisted with style

A basket can be transformed into various shapes due to the adjustment of the thickness and structure of Water Hyacinth fiber. Small, large, flat, broad weaves, as well as how they are woven, can produce different textures and designs. 

Water Hyacinth Storage Basket sku B00297
Water Hyacinth Storage Basket sku B00297 from Viettime Craft

Playful Color Baskets

If you are not into something too casual and want some colorful decoration to your interior, we got you. Water Hyacinth has a light straw color, it is an easy base color to paint on, and be creative with a diverse range of styles.

Caro Water Hyacinth Basket sku B00289
Caro Water Hyacinth Basket sku B00289 From Viettime Craft

Large Weaves Water Hyacinth

Large to extra large weaves make baskets look more “expensive”. Because of its rare and stylish appearance, a single basket can take your space to the next level. 

Water Hyacinth Storage Basket sku B00296
Water Hyacinth Storage Basket sku B00296 from Viettime Craft

Water Hyacinth Mix Seagrass Basket

It is always fun to innovate and create new ideas, new sustainable materials every day. A combination of both sometimes is the best choice. Each significant characteristic of the elements, together, can build into a perfect basket that has both look and function.

Water Hyacinth Basket sku B00302
Water Hyacinth Basket sku B00302 from Viettime Craft

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