Top Trending Weaving Styles Water Hyacinth Basket You Need To Know

One of the most popular materials to make home decor baskets is Water Hyacinth. Experience the artistry and versatility of the top trending weaving styles in woven water hyacinth basket. These unique and eye-catching styles showcase the beauty of traditional material and have become a must-have in modern home decor.

Arrow Weave

Local artisans commonly apply the arrow weave, traditional style, to create products. They skillfully twin two water hyacinth stalks, giving rise to a weave that resembles an arrow or fishbone. This weaving style enjoys great popularity and is frequently seen in various items. Arrow weave is a captivating and popular weaving style that brings a unique and dynamic look to water hyacinth baskets.

Rolled Weave

Artisans begin the process of creating rolled weave by tightly rolling water hyacinth stalks around a core, which may consist of multiple seagrass strands. This creates a finely woven rope. The ropes are then interconnected, either with or without the use of a metal frame, resulting in the final product.

Twisted Weave

In general, the twisted weave technique incurs the second-highest production cost. In Vietnam, artisans commonly twist together 2 or 3 water hyacinth stalks and then skillfully craft or sew them into baskets. Twisted water hyacinth ropes come in various diameters.

The twisted weave bears a resemblance to the rolled weave, but there is a notable distinction in terms of the smaller rope diameter and the wider range of patterns used for creating products.

Rice Nut Weave

The rice nut weave derives its name from the process of twinning two water hyacinth stalks together, resulting in a weave that resembles a rice nut. While the rice nut weave may not be overly thick, it exhibits exceptional durability due to its strong and tightly constructed nature.

Braided Weave

The term “braided weave” describes the process of braiding three or five water hyacinth stalks together to form a rope. These ropes are then woven or sewn into various products.

Open Asterisk Weave

The open asterisk weave is crafted by weaving numerous water hyacinth stalks over a metal frame, resulting in asterisk patterns that feature open holes.
The presence of a metal frame is essential for this weave, as without it, water hyacinth baskets would lose their shape and functionality.

Open Hexagon Weave

While not as widely recognized as the aforementioned weaves, the open hexagon weave can still be found in various designs of water hyacinth baskets.

Vietnamese artisans utilize multiple water hyacinth stalks to create this weave by intertwining them in a manner that forms open hexagon-shaped holes. In addition, these strategically placed holes contribute to the excellent ventilation of water hyacinth baskets, making them an ideal choice for storage and organization purposes.

Open Zigzag Weave

The open zigzag weave is weaving water hyacinth stalks in an up-and-down pattern over a metal frame, following a zigzag line.

The open zigzag weave is typically paired with a metal frame to ensure that products, particularly water hyacinth baskets and boxes, maintain their desired shape.

Close Flat Weave

Introducing the close flat weave of water hyacinth, a weaving style that offers an affordable option.

This style is simple plain weave, where water hyacinth stalks crisscross over and under each other. So, to ensure durability, the flat weave requires the support of a metal frame for the products.

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