Viettime Craft Meets All BSCI Certification Requirements

With the motto “Provide products and services with world-class quality and optimal design, satisfying the legitimate demands of customers” – customer benefits are key, focus on environmental protection, and establishing a professional workplace; Viettime Craft has achieved BSCI Certification or BSCI standards as a commitment to sustainable business and social responsibility.

What is the BSCI standard?

In 2003, the European Business Social Compliance Programmes founded the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative to evaluate social compliance in a business. BSCI qualifications are based on the labor standards of (ILO) International Labor Organization and other essential international regulations. For example the UN Charter for Human Rights, and national regulations.

After 19 years since the proposal of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), the BSCI standard has 13 rules. The core is to ensure that companies gradually improve working conditions in their supply chain. Especially, they complement the strong relations with all stakeholders of this chain.

The 13 principles of the Code of Conduct that BSCI participants are:

  • Social Management Systems
  • Worker Involvement and Protection
  • The rights to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • No Discrimination
  • Fair Remuneration
  • Decent Working Hours
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • No Child Labour
  • Protection of Young Workers
  • No Precarious Employment
  • No Bonded Labour
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Ethical Business Behavior

Why does BSCI Certification make a company more competitively advantaged?

Associations, firms, enterprises, importers, producers of consumer products, and retail companies all over the world soon appreciated and respected this set of standards.

More than 50 businesses from 9 different countries have applied for BSCI as of this writing, including numerous well-known brands including Metro, Kesko, Esprit, Otto, Lindex, and Ave.

Why are companies that gain BSCI certification more trusted and competitive?

This is a voluntary standard. Businesses participating in BSCI are committed to respecting the principles of the global playing field. Moreover, they are associated with social responsibility and ensuring a safe and fair workplace.

BSCI standards will be periodically re-evaluated, showing that businesses are willing to improve working conditions and the management of the value chain. As a result, this certificate provides proof of a sense of responsibility for fair and safe production and overall social commitment.

BSCI certification increases consumer and customer trust as well as that of company partners, workers, and consumers. The reason is that BSCI lays the foundation for future potential business collaborations and thereby gains advantages in tender procedures. Since BSCI qualification is a worldwide code of conduct, companies that are members easily export to European and American nations. This gives the company a market competitive advantage.

Save costs, and increase sales and profits. Businesses that participate in BSCI are highly valued by partners, boosting the brand both domestically and internationally, and increasing sales. Businesses make sure that workers have a safe working environment and a positive working connection. When guaranteed wages, social benefits, and other benefits, it is certain that workers feel secure to work more efficiently. Both sides are beneficial.

Viettime Craft receives BSCI certification

Our Vision is to become the leading supplier of handicrafts in the Vietnam market as well as the international market.


To commit to BSCI standards, we guarantee to achieve those goals:

  • To customers: Meet legitimate consumer requests by offering goods and services of the best quality and design.
  • To business partners: Become their “number one companion,” commit to sustainable development based on coordination, and consistently promote desirable values.
  • To employees: Create a professional, inclusive work atmosphere that promotes creativity.
  • To society: Participate actively in community-focused activities, with an emphasis on environmental conservation. In addition, represent a sense of civic duty and patriotism.
  • Fair Remuneration: Our company respects the right of employees to receive fair remuneration.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: By evaluating the risk and taking all necessary measures to eliminate or reduce it; our business ensures a healthy and safe working environment.
  • No Bonded Labor: Our company does not use any type of forced labor, trafficking labor, or non-volunteer labor.
  • Decent Working Hours: Our company complies with all relevant labor laws regarding hours of work.
  • Environmental Protection: Our company takes essential precautions to prevent environmental deterioration and conserve the growth of the natural ecosystem.
  • Preservation of Handicraft Traditions: Viettime Craft main products are handmade and are thriving and empowering artisans around the world.

In Addition to BSCI certification, Viettime Craft has gained other international certifications such as FDA & LFGB certification by FDA, Factory Audit Certificate, and Gold Plus Alibaba Supplier. We are not aiming to just achieve certifications, but each certification is to take each step forward in an international environment.