Green Future

Viettime Craft is a handicraft company, that fosters innovation to accelerate the transition toward a green future. Partnering with regional farmers, its efforts focus on developing sustainable materials with handmade products.

What is a Green Future?

Generally, we speak of “Green Economy” or “Inclusive Green Economy” when we talk about the Green Deal, Green Future etc. One may argue that the “Green Economy” originated from a UNESCAP conference in 2005. What was initially proposed or presented as “Green Growth” was first discussed.

Green Future_ Viettime Craft
Green Future_ Viettime Craft

Green Future is the go-to source for assisting today’s sustainability experts in jointly building the green future of tomorrow. We must resolve numerous sources and list numerous issues that create a new (inclusive and green) economic future. These areas include investments in green and sustainable financial markets, public-private economic activities, the development of green assets such as infrastructure, the use of green energy, and the prevention of biodiversity loss. They also include the preservation of the world’s natural ecosystem, and economic value of green resources like our environment.

As a handicraft company, Viettime Craft has committed to using sustainable materials and a management system moving to a clean future.

“Green Future” is our long-term goal

A large species will perish if corporations do not act appropriately as members of the global society. According to Environmental Sustainability, the rate of species extinction due to human activity now is hundreds of times higher than it was in the past. The time is now for corporations to get involved, cut back on emissions and waste, and contribute to the development of a habitable world.

Viettime Craft is a Vietnamese handicraft manufacturer that promotes sustainability by utilizing green materials. In addition to emphasizing the use of environmentally friendly materials in our products, such as rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth,…. We also encourage creative reuse and energy efficiency in artisan workshops and our supply chain to lessen our influence on the environment.

Viettime Craft’s sustainable materials

Viettime Craft is trying to provide a GREEN FUTURE for the Vietnamese and the globe by combining economic prosperity and social responsibility. The cogeneration plant aims to reinvigorate and increase the level of labor and income in rural economies by promoting the collective use of energy crops to make various handcraft goods.

Business sustainability is the discipline of conducting business without negatively impacting the environment. For this reason, we’re going to provide you with a list of 6 sustainable materials to watch out for. So you may select the appropriate sustainable things for a green future.

Water Hyacinth

New thinking will provide a new consciousness and hope for a world in which we, as humans, reconnect with our earth and with one another.

What future do you want to see? Let us know in the comments what hope means to you.