We believe we must work together by forming a meaningful partnership that creates shared opportunities for communities around the world. Viettime Craft is focused on helping communities address sustainability challenges and promoting the image of Vietnam to the global market. But we can’t do it alone. That is why we’ve formed key partnerships with incredible associations to achieve those goals step by step.

The European Trade Office – a potential partnership

On August 22, Viettime Craft honored to welcome a delegation from the European Trade Office in Vietnam to our headquarters, showroom, and large factory. Taking this opportunity to visit us, the two parties had a serious discussion about the desire to collaborate in the coming year.

The European Trade Office - a potential partnership
The European Trade Office – a potential partnership

After discussing the plan for 2023, we aim to expand cooperation or long-term development goals:

  • Researching and developing more beautiful, new. and unique craft designs with high utility value.
  • Promoting business cooperation in the future by implementing orders.

To meet the target, Viettime Craft continues to research the market, taking advantage of available resources to create more valuable products. Viettime Craft and our customers will continue to seek development associations opportunities. It could help us promote strengths and be commensurate with the potential of both sides. Viettime Craft and our partners will continue to seek development cooperation opportunities. That will capitalize on their respective strengths and match the potential of both parties.

Our partnership with Alibaba

From 2007 to now, Viettime Craft has been a reputable supplier on Alibaba. We mainly produced and distributed domestic handicrafts. Following certain successes, our company conducted research and began to develop and expand business markets. Since entering the Alibaba market eight years ago, we have had many successes.

As a top exporter partnerships from Vietnam, Viettime Craft is honored by the invitation from the Alibaba association to attend the Business to Business event on August 18, 2022. It is a pleasure for us to speak on behalf of the other participating businesses to share valuable business insights to greatly benefit Vietnamese exporters on Alibaba.

Our partnership with Alibaba
Our partnership with Alibaba

Representative of Viettime Craft – Ms. Kelly Hoang (Director of the company) had a meeting, and exchanged experiences. In addition, she shared the company’s business stories with talented exporters in the export field on the Alibaba e-commerce platform. At this event, Viettime Craft officially joined the “community of talented exporters”. Therefore, this is a meaningful opportunity for us to progress in the right direction through research and discovery. We hope that as a top seller at this event, we have provided helpful information and helped to foster a highly productive environment for export business.

We are proud to say that Viettime works with best-in-class business partners.

Other valued partnerships

With ambitious expansion all over the world, we make many efforts to collaborate with numerous associations to support our long-term goals. for example: Preserving traditional craft, boosting the value of craftsmanship, and environmental sustainability.

To constantly develop, perfect, and reach out to integrate into the world, we put customers at the center of all business activities. Viettime Craft hopes to be the best partners in your upcoming journey.