Styling with Belly Seagrass Baskets

Showing no signs of slowing down in popularity, the seagrass ‘Belly Baskets’ are becoming a staple in any stylish UK home. Not that I am at all surprised. Baskets are great for so many reasons. They hide away all manner of clutter, they can hold plants, be hung on walls, and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours- what’s not to love?!

The seagrass belly basket is still our most popular seller and always sells out fast. I of course kept several for my own home that are scattered around the house for all sorts of uses, one in the office full of protective packaging for your deliveries, two in the lounge- one with a plant inside and blankets in the other and I am planning for three in the new nursery to hang on the wall and house toys etc.

After a few customers asking me about how to use the baskets, I thought a short little guide of ideas may be of use…


You need to place your plant of choice, that usually comes in a draining container, into a non draining pot (you can get a cheap as chips plastic one as no-one will see it hidden inside the belly basket). This is to catch the water when watering, you don’t want a puddle at the bottom of your basket after all. As far as plant choice, there are so many great options, but a cheese plant, palm leaf or tall cactus all look fab- something with lots of leaves!


I like to keep mine at the end of the sofa with several favourite throws and blankets inside, so when I’m cold or just fancy snuggling down for a movie, my throws are easy reach, and there’s always a few more for guests to snuggle under. Equally, perfect for use in your or your kid’s bedrooms with blankets thrown in for a quick cover on the bed or to throw on the floor for playing in kid’s rooms.


Perfect soft, affordable toy storage. They can be painted to match decor in the nursery, hung on hooks (what I am planning to do), placed under benches, lined up with soft toys in one, cars in another, plastic animals in another, etc. You can personalise them for siblings with different colour paint on the bottom of each of different colour ribbons tied to the handle of each? Watch this space for some more ideas on this, I am planning to launch some specific painted and pom-pom-ed seagrass baskets for children’s rooms in the next few months!


They are the perfect size for most bathrooms and make such a stylish storage for basics such as rolled up towels, toilet rolls, magazines, and even kids bath toys. Again, you could also use one to house a plant in the bathroom, though only slightly larger bathrooms may have space for this. I like rolled up hammam towels stored in a basket near the bath, both stylish and practical.

Suitable for every room in the house with endless ideas for storage, do you have one at home? How do you use yours?


Purchase our seagrass basket here.

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