Viettime Craft – Alibaba Gold handicraft supplier & Verified Supplier

Verified by Alibaba and SGS, Viettime Craft became Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier in 2018. Because of numerous efforts to export handicraft items for international markets through the Alibaba platform; this “gold” status is similar to certificate reputable wholesalers. So, what are the reasons for Viettime handicraft suppliers earning Alibaba Verified Supplier?

Top reputable Handicraft Supplier Companies in Vietnam

Viettime Craft was established in 2007, with the vision to become the leading Handicraft Export Wholesale Company in Vietnam and international markets. That’s why after recognizing Alibaba as a potential market, we registered as a member and began building a business there in 2013.

From our handicraft wholesale success in the domestic market to international suppliers, Viettime is famous for high-quality products; trending designs; reasonable prices, and on-time delivery. After entering the Alibaba market eight years ago, we have not only reached many customers; but we have also brought countless valuable orders to buyers and provided benefits to their lifestyle.

Meet all requirements as an Alibaba Verified Supplier

For Verified Suppliers, certifications include enterprise qualifications (e.g. ISO certificates); product qualifications; trademark; and patent certifications. To gain Alibaba Trade Assurance Certification; we need to provide full evidence to prove our business exists and develops. For example, workshops, factory panoramic views, verified production chain….Alibaba will evaluate and verify the legitimacy of our supplier as a reputable handicraft supplier.

Viettime Craft – Alibaba Gold handicraft supplier & Verified Supplier

In addition, a third-party international authoritative certification body also verified Viettime’s key information. Then they disclosed it through multiple channels on the Alibaba platform. The other important thing is we must give details about each product posted on our Alibaba online shops. Such as a description of the bag, illustrating images about the products, or a user manual….The number of visitors to our Alibaba store per month ranges from 20,000 to 30,000, with 300 to 400 inquiries for goods received each month.

Moreover, Viettime is the Alibaba wholesale for 8 years, which makes us a more reliable handicraft supplier. Over the years, we have gained popularity in the global market. Our premium quality natural material products come from Water hyacinth, Rattan, Bamboo, Palm leaf, Seagrass, etc. We try our best to provide high customer satisfaction with the on-time delivery of uncompromising quality goods. For all reasons, Viettime’s products always hold an important position among handicraft wholesale on the Alibaba platform.

Specialized in exporting handicraft supplier

The common handicraft export destinations of Viettime are North America, China, the U.S., and Europe. Viettime Craft is the leading name in the handicraft export business of Vietnam. Established in 2007, we have since made a mark in the handicraft supplier. The nominal pricing, paired with exquisite products, makes us a top seller in the global market. For many years, we have been rated as a start export firm. We engaged in the development and export of handicrafts items; such as seagrass, and water hyacinth goods from around the world.

As an Alibaba wholesale, we involve in manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of seagrass baskets, water hyacinth utensils, handcrafted handbags, and all handicraft Items, etc. Under the direction of Our Vision, we can attain maximum satisfaction for our valuable clients.

High Supplier Online Performance Index on the Alibaba platform

Starting on September 6, 2020, the Supplier Online Performance Index (SOPI) will be officially launched on (known as Transaction Level). This platform upgrade is a data-driven index that shows suppliers’ business performance on Alibaba measured this performance in terms of presentation quality, product popularity, transaction volume, and service quality. They classified it into six levels (0-5), with 5 as the highest.

Over the years, Viettime Handicraft Supplier has made numerous attempts to achieve level 5, the highest level which includes high transaction level and another 3 aspects, known as presentation quality, product popularity, and service quality.

The implementation of the BSCI certification

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) guarantees that all companies participating in supply chains; and labor markets are aware of their responsibilities under the BSCI initiative’s rules. To maintain compliance with the social responsibility rules of our nations. Our businesses are involved in supply chains – that make sure we track the activities of our workers and partners. As an Alibaba Gold supplier, Viettime also takes responsibility for increasing our business efficiency and sustainability.

The BSCI standard is the bundle of requirements for social compliance; human rights; and international labor organization conventions. We have numerous ways to implement our social initiatives. If our craftsmen feel equal in fair work; they tend to work with enthusiasm and effort. Our buyers from all over the world – not only use our products but also experience the products from Tradition Handicraft Supplier of Vietnam from Alibaba wholesale.

So these are a few reasons why Viettime handicraft wholesale has held Alibaba Gold supplier & Verified Supplier for a long time. Do you also love Vietnam handicrafts? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.