Boosting the value of Artisans

Craftsmanship is a conversation between the artisan and the material, simultaneously intimate and exhibitionist. It’s a language of patience, persistence, and subtle details. We are often amazed by artisans’ commitment to complete handmade products requiring great skill and years of training.

Recognition of Artisans and Their Creativity

Handicraft is vital in developing-country society, so the craftsman has high social prestige. They deserve recognition for their creative work and for remaining the heritage. We can show our appreciation through rewards and gratitude for their valuable practices.

Our partners are fluent in this language. Viettime Craft works with the most Vietnamese skilled and imaginative makers, as well as in our own home office. They are all open to seeing the immense potential in common materials, to the creative process, and to blending tradition with modern design.

We are – Viettime Craft step by step encourages our artisans to continue their meaningful careers – connect people in the modern world to traditional villages: The Vietnamese handicraft has passed down from generation to generation.

The difference is in the details

A good craftsman doesn’t just see a piece of wood, he sees potential. With enough time and the right tools, our artisan can turn the most ordinary piece of natural materials into a fine work of art.

Seagrass, Water hyacinth, and Bamboo are prolific and fast-growing in Vietnam. After a tree/plant is cut into usable slabs and air-dried, our artisans carefully hand-select pieces that they can transform into beautiful handmade products.

Material and the power of quality

Focusing on product quality, we take attention to selecting high-quality materials. To have the best products, a stable supply of raw materials in terms of quantity, and quality plays a decisive role in the production of handicrafts, including a large number of main categories such as bamboo, rattan, …

If the material is good, that makes our artisan handcrafts of the highest quality. So it is important for us to remain and supervise the material.

Handicrafts that weave tradition with trend

Designing with natural materials is an ancient tradition with as many differences as there are cultures in the world. One of the most appealing aspects of using the material is how seamlessly a maker can mix common materials with new designs in a perfect balance of tradition and trend. This is a skill that most artisans for Viettime Craft, have in abundance. Vietnamese handicraft art has evolved significantly over the years, but it still holds on to its roots. They combine colors with great skill, and the best artists are capable of creating pieces of handicraft products. They are always passionate about creating new designs, new ways to weave, and new colors or patterns,…

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